Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Football season is nearly upon us.
You'll see a few changes around here, including the exciting move to for all of our local sports coverage.

But first: High School Football Picks are BACK! And we want YOU to see if you can beat us.

The Mercury Sports staff will be picking every high school game each week, as well as a few others (Ursinus, Penn State, Eagles, etc.) to round the number out to 15 picks each week.

Each Monday, you'll find polls down the left side of Mercury Sports Live asking for your picks for the week. Then, when the picks appear here on Mercury Sports Live - and in Friday editions of The Mercury - you'll not only see picks from Mercury staff, but also the consensus of YOU, the readers and fans.

So, look to your left, and GET VOTING! You have a short week to get your picks in, so do it now and tell your friends and fellow fans to do the same.


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