Friday, December 7, 2012


By Don Seeley

Be kind and gentle here... not exactly sure where everyone is going to be; taking a lot from what I've heard and been told the past month or so; and, bottom line, just trying to GET SOME NAMES out there for the beginning of another wrestling season ... Plus it's raining today - so no golf. ... Also, I'll bet my house - and any flower-power t-shirts from the 60s I haven't thrown out yet - this so-called power projection WILL NOT be the same after the weekend.

Top Five Teams
1. Owen J. Roberts ... can't disagree with the state gurus who have OJR ranked No. 1
2. Boyertown ... will get better as season goes along
3. Spring-Ford ... has a few holes, but could be No. 2 if Bears slip
4. Upper Perkiomen ... who steps up in support of the Steffeninos, Fellman and McStravick?
5. Methacton ... a lot of off-season work may lead to dividends for Maida and program

1. Aston White, OJR ... good lead-off man for OJR, and being a senior at 106 helps a lot
2. Dustin Steffenino, UP ... deal with two twin brothers all day and night and you get better
3. Jimmy Frank, SF ... hearing a lot of good things about Mr. Frank

1. Derek Gulotta, OJR ... if he stays healthy, he'll be a state medalist AGAIN
2. Eric Miller, UP ... got lost in the lightweight shuffle last year - he won't be this year
3. Mason Pennypacker, Pt ... one of Pottstown's solid group of freshmen

1. Dante Steffenino, UP ... has a little revenge in his blood this season
3. Dylan Wertz, Bt ... has gotten bigger and stronger; like his aggressive nature
3. Bubba Gephart, Pt ... one of Pottstown's solid group of freshmen

1. Sean Hennessey, SF ... determined to make up for some lost postseason time (Part One)
2. Eddie Kriczky, Bt ... determined to make up for some lost postseason time  (Part Two)
3. Zach Coffey, WM ... been to national preps, warrants recognition

132 (very good weight class)
1. Dylan Steffenino, UP ... will get back to states and should medal
2. Colby Frank, OJR ... not exactly sure where Colby will be early on
3. Joe Staley, Meth ... tough weight class to start here, but definitely belongs
3. Bryant Wise, PT ... maybe the best of Pottstown's solid group of freshmen 

138 (very good weight class)
1. Wolfgang McStravick, UP ... the Wolf-man medals all the way through March
2. Chad Saunders, Hill ... beat national Greco-Roman champion last weekend
3. Nico Demetrio, Pottsgrove ... put in a lot of summer work; has that Demetrio Drive, too

1. Kyle Fellman, UP ... a lot of experience; should take next step this year
2. Frank Krause, SF ... hearing a lot of good things about this young fella
3. Peter Fratantoni, OJR ... one very unsung (but not unappreciated) "filler" for OJR last two years

1. Adam Moser, OJR ... when aggressive and on the move, better than most think
2. Nick Giangiulio, PV ... tough, tough, tough - a move here or there, would've been at states last year
3. Jasheel Brown, Pt ... Trojan who showed considerable promise in AA postseason last year

1. Kyle Shronk, OJR ... if healthy and driven, could be in Hershey come March
2. Paul Russo, Meth ... no reason not to like this kid
3. Darien Hain, Pt ... another Trojan who showed considerable promise in AA postseason last year

1. Gray Garber, Bt ... tough as nails
2. Tyler McGuigan, SF ... our area's postseason surprise of the 2012 postseason
3. Tyler Rogers, OJR ... if healthy will contribute mightily for OJR

1. Gordon Bolig, OJR ... state qualifier last year, potential state medalist this year
2. Cody Richmond, Bt ... could be one of our area's surprise upperweights
3. Jordan Valenteen, PX ... staying healthy and driven a key

1. Mike Baccaro, Meth ... early season performance should dictate how far he goes
2. Jordan Wertz, Bt ... nice postseason surprise last year - now bigger
3. John Hill, Hill ... impressive debut last weekend

220 (how about a very, very, very good weight class)
1. Jordan Wood, Bt ... I hear one of the best freshmen to come along in a looooooong time
2. Pat Finn, Pg ... may have been state qualifier last year if not for injury after winning sectional
3. Luke DiElsi, PV ... just missed states last year, should be there this time around

285 (Golobokov would do well in District 1)
1. Brad Trego, OJR ... talk about guts
2. Tracey Green, Meth ... we think it's his "break-out" year
3. Kostya Golobokov, Hill ... could be a force by state preps

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