Friday, December 7, 2012

Walking Into a Winter Wonderland

We have spent this fall giving you the best high school football coverage around here at Mercury Sports Live. And you have hopefully found our new site to be the perfect source for all your sports needs.

Now that winter is upon us, it's time to expand.

We hope to make Mercury Sports Live your one-stop shop all season long for coverage of every winter sport. Whether it's Don Seeley's wrestling insights, a trip onto the basketball court with Jeff Stover and Darryl Grumling, or jumping into the swimming pool with Rosemarie Ross', you'll find it all here at MSL.

On the right and left side of thispage, you'll see "Labels" for all the Winter Sports, as well as your favorite schools and our sports staffers. By clicking any of those labels, you'll see the most recent posts for that sport, that school or by that specific writer.

We also plan to provide exclusive content each weekday (and maybe more) that you won't find on or in the print edition.

Do you have an idea for what you might want to see on MSL? Let us know by commenting here, or mention us on Twitter @PottsMercSports.

Buckle up, because the winter sports season kicks off tonight, and it should be a heck of a ride.

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