Monday, February 25, 2013

SWIMMING: District 1-AA seedings finally available

By Steve Moore

District 1 has apparently decided that the psych sheets for this week's swim championships are more valuable than the nuclear launch codes. But after a day of searching, we have finally obtained (at least half of) the Class AA psych sheets to go with the AAA sheets posted by last night (and summarized here).

The full boys AA psych sheets can be seen at the bottom of this post. The girls sheets should follow soon. The AAA sheets are available here (BOYS / GIRLS) courtesy of

Below is a quick rundown of Mercury-area qualifiers in Class AA:

AA BOYS THURSDAY (200 MR, 200 FR, 200 IM, 50 FR, 100 FLY, 200 FR)

  • 200 MEDLEY RELAY: Upper Perkiomen is the top overall seed, with Phoenixville fifth and Pottsgrove eighth.
  • 200 FREESTYLE: Upper Perk's Jason Mercando (1:52.73) is third. He's joined by three teammates: Hunter Peck is fifth (1:54.21), Bryon Scholl (1:56.46) is eighth and Tyler Baskin is 12th (2:01.37).
  • 200 IM: Pottsgrove's Morgan Schreiber is second (2:06.67), followed by Upper Perk's Brandon Umstead in third (2:07.48), Upper Perk's Quinn Perlstein in fourth (2:12.52) and Phoenixville's Josh Ziev in sixth (2:19.68).
  • 50 FREE: Upper Perk's Kyle Himmelwright is first (22.93), followed by Phoenixville's Jake Luzins in third (23.59), Pottstown's Anthony Gazzillo in sixth (23.99) and Phoenixville's Robert Newman in 11th (24.65).
  • 100 BUTTERFLY: Upper Perk's Mason Cassel is first overall (52.72), and is joined by teammate Ryan Mercando in seventh (1:03.48) and Phoenixville's Robert Newman in ninth (1:04.06).
  • 200 FREE RELAY: Upper Perkiomen is first while Phoenixville is fifth and Pottsgrove seventh.

AA GIRLS THURSDAY (200 MR, 200 FR, 200 IM, 50 FR, 100 FLY, 200 FR)

  • 200 MEDLEY RELAY: Phoenixville is seeded fourth and Upper Perkiomen is sixth. 
  • 200 FREE: No local qualifiers.
  • 200 IM: Upper Perk's Kirsten Siwy (2:21.13) is seeded eighth, Phoenixville's Devonne Moore is 10th (2:21.63), Pope John Paul's Morgan Fink is 14th (2:25.63) and Upper Perk's Kristin Kilroy is 16th (2:26.04).
  • 50 FREE: Phoenixville's Shawna Moore is ninth (26.26) and teammate Eileen Butler is 13th (26.51). 
  • 100 FLY: Phoenixville's Shawna Moore is 10th (1:03.80), Upper Perk's Jackie Hammill is 11th (1:04.02) and Phoenixville's Erin McElwee is 15th (1:05.05).
  • 200 FREE RELAY: Upper Perk is fourth and Phoenixville sixth. 

AA BOYS FRIDAY (100 FR, 500 FR, 100 BK, 100 BR, 400 FR Relay)

  • 100 FREE: Upper Perkiomen goes one-two here, with Mason Cassel (50.24) just ahead of Hunter Peck (51.90). Pottstown's Gazzillo is sixth (52.69), and Phoenixville's Luzins is eighth (53.47).
  • 500 FREE: Upper Perk is third and fourth with Mercando (5:10.93) and Scholl (5:18.97), followed by Pottsgrove's Kevin Basch (5:19.54) in fifth, Phoenixville's Jan Aclan in seventh (5:28.23), Pope John Paul's Tommy Dunn in 10th (5:37.13) and Upper Perk's Mercando in 12th (5:39.44).
  • 100 BACK: Pottsgrove's Schreiber is first overall (55.98), followed closely by Upper Perk's Umstead (56.56) in second and Himmelwright in third (56.65). Phoenixville's Aclan in seventh (1:02.15) and Pottsgrove's Basch is ninth (1:03.29).
  • 100 BREAST: Perlstein of Upper Perk is second (1:05.31) and Baskin is fifth (1:07.95). Phoenixville has two swimmers at 10th and 11th, with Ziev (1:10.92) and Hunter Lang (1:12.15), respectively.
  • 400 FREE RELAY: Upper Perk is first and Phoenixville is fifth.

AA GIRLS FRIDAY (100 FR, 500 FR, 100 BK, 100 BR, 400 FR Relay)

  • 100 FREE: Upper Perk's Siwy is sixth (57.69) and Phoenixville's Butler is 15th (59.37). 
  • 500 FREE: Pottsgrove's Courtney Sheffer is 13th (5:44.45).
  • 100 BACK: Phoenixville's McElwee is third (1:02.25), Upper Perk's Christina Williams is ninth (1:05.96), Pottsgrove's Sheffer is 12th (1:06.80) and Upper Perk's Jackie Hammill is 16th (1:08.80).
  • 100 BREAST: Phoenixville's Devonne Moore is fourth (1:10.44), Pope John Paul's Fink is seventh (1:12.88) and Upper Perk's Kilroy is ninth (1:13.76).
  • 400 FREE RELAY: Phoenixville is fifth, Upper Perkiomen is ninth.



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