Friday, November 2, 2012

Video from Pottsgrove/Phoenixville

Frank Otto will have video from the Pottsgrove at Phoenixville game. The most recent highlights are at the top.

Pottsgrove players join their fans to celebrate the league crown:

Pottsgrove fans celebrate their PAC-10 title as time winds down:


Pottsgrove field goal:

Another fumble:

Phoenixville crowd celebrates touchdown:

Yenchick scores for Phantoms:

Gallow recovers fumble:

 Second half begins:

Phoenixville band at halftime:

Frank Otto gives his halftime take:

Low snap fumble:

Pannella with a big stop:

Yanchick again for the Phantoms:

Yanchick with another run:

Dukes scores for Pottsgrove:

Pottsgrove runs for a gain:

Yanchick first down on opening drive:

Opening kickoff:

Phantoms get ready:

Phoenixville band performs the alma mater:

Phoenixville reunion:

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