Saturday, November 24, 2012

VIDEO from Spring-Ford vs. Pennridge

We'll have video highlights as they're available from today's District 1 semifinal between Spring-Ford and Pennridge, courtesy of Darryl Grumling & Don Seeley.

Post-game interview with Zameer McDowell:

Zameer McDowell 25-yard TD catch. Rams lead 34-24:

Jarred Jones opens 2nd half with a 74-yard TD Run. 28-18 Rams:

Bigam hauls in a hail mary touchdown to pull Pennridge to within 3 at 21-18 just before half:

Lundi with his second TD gives Spring-Ford a 21-12 lead:

Coyne to Hopkins makes it 14-12, Spring-Ford:

Crawford TD makes it 12-7:

Pasquale with a pick six:

Touchdown run for Lundi:

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