Friday, October 12, 2012

Video from Phoenixville-Boyertown

An interview with Phoenixville's Ryan Pannella:

Darryl's post-game take after Phoenixville 33-0 win:

Brian Madden with a touchdown run:

Yenchick with a 54-yard touchdown run:

Taylor Hicks is Boyertown's Homecoming Queen:

Darryl's halftime roundup:

Boyertown's Brock Johnson with an interception:

Yenchick TD run:

Phoenixville touchdown pass:

McDougal with a 3-yard TD run for Phoenixville:

Demey connects on a big pass to Pannella to set up the McDougal TD:

Darryl's pregame take:

The Bears are fired up before kickoff:

Phoenixville takes the field:

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