Friday, October 19, 2012

Video from Pottstown-Pottsgrove

Frank Otto sending in video dispatches all night from the Pottstown-Pottsgrove game. The newest clips are at the top:

Lightning delay at Pottstown:

Don Seeley's halftime take from Pottstown vs. Pottsgrove:

Pottstown unable to score at end of first half:

Pottstown incomplete pass with 3 seconds left in first half:

Reinhart with a big play late in the second quarter:

Then Hudgins scores AGAIN on the next play:

Pottsgrove recovers a fumble:

Pottstown band joins the "Call Me Maybe" train:

2-point conversion no-good:

 Hudgins with another TD for Pottsgrove:

Reinhart stuffed on third down:

Hudgins scores to give Pottsgrove a 19-13 lead:

Reinhart sacked by Anthony Pond to end first quarter:

Dukes with a long touchdown run for Pottsgrove:

Pottstown crowd cheers on the Trojans:

Hampton scores in the first quarter for Pottstown:

QB keeper

Pass to Harvey:

Dukes runs for a first down:

Nick Brennan touchdown run:

Big run for Hampton:

Pottstown's Denzel Harvey starts with a bang, returning the opening kick for a touchdown.

Pottstown runs onto the field:

Pottstown band performs Thriller:

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