Friday, October 26, 2012

VIDEO from Pottsgrove / Perkiomen Valley

Darryl Grumling and Don Seeley are on site at the big Perkiomen Valley-Pottsgrove tilt tonight, and will be providing video all night long.

Don Seeley's final take:

Interview with Tory Hudgins post-game:

Hudgins runs in a 51-yard touchdown to give Pottsgrove the late lead:

Mitchell catches a long TD from Stewart for 28-21 PV lead:

Pottsgrove crowd:

Seeley's halftime take:

Viking band entertains the crowd at halftime:

Perk Valley crowd fired up with game tied at the half:

Hudgins TD run for Pottsgrove:

Dukes TD ties it up for Pottsgrove:

Bonomo touchdown for PV:

Stewart TD run ties the game at 7-7:

Pottsgrove touchdown, Hudgins to Adams:

Opening kickoff:

We begin with Don Seeley's pregame take:

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