Friday, September 28, 2012

Pottsgrove vs. Spring-Ford Video (1st half)

Keep an eye on this link all night long as Darryl Grumling and Frank Otto provide video and more from tonight's big Pottsgrove/Spring-Ford game.

Coyne incompletion ends the half with Pottsgrove leading, 6-0.

Coyne's pass falls incomplete over the middle on third down in the second quarter:

A packed house at Pottsgrove:

Spring-Ford fails on fourth down with a pass to Vagnozzi in the end zone:

Adams sacks Spring-Ford QB Hank Coyne:

Mark Dukes with a pounding run for Pottsgrove:

First-down pass by Hank Coyne:

 Touchdown run for Pottsgrove

Tensions high early at Yusef Lundy is gang tackled. Spring-Ford called for a hold on the play:

Opening Kickoff:

The Rams take the field:

First up, a video preview from Darryl:

And Frank gives the Pottsgrove Marching Band some love:

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